Salman Khan’s new diktat for Bollywood producers


Mumbai: Salman Khan, the megastar, has risen to the stature akin to the supreme lord of Bollywood. Given his image as the master of the Rs 100 crore club, Salman Khan is set to bend the rules of the industry. Reports say that Salman bhai has come up with new business model where the producers of his film would get a certain percentage of the profits earned.

Salman Khan’s new <i>diktat</i> for Bollywood producers

This new rule follows Salman’s list of guidelines he usually sets for the makers to abide, regarding music directors, shoot schedule, time of reporting and also heroine`s costume. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when a source close to the star justified Salman`s new stance which clearly positions him as the game changer.

According to Salman’s new business model, producers will receive a fixed remuneration amount (much like the cast and crew). This may vary from Rs 15-20 crore. And after paying for the production costs, Salman will get to keep the remaining amount to himself. 

Explaining it, a source said "Though many may think that Salman`s decision smells of over confidence, the new rule makes a lot of sense. One needs to understand, that by agreeing to pay the production costs and a fixed amount to the producers, Salman is taking a huge risk. In case a film fails to generate expected returns, he will lose a lot of money."

However, according to insiders, producers working with Salman in the near future may feel the pinch. "Over the last couple of years, Salman`s films at an average made around Rs 140-150 crore. And with this new rule, the producer will stand to get only Rs 15-20 crore apart from the production costs. A big amount that would have earlier gone to the producers would now be taken by Salman," said the source.

When contacted, trade analyst Amod Mehra said that he was aware of Salman`s new business model. “If I am not mistaken, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and even Akshay Kumar have adopted this model earlier. Then why not Salman?” 

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