Indian-American-run company to fix Obamacare website

WASHINGTON: An IT company run by Indian-Americans has been entrusted with the task to fix the problem-plagued website for President Barack Obama's signature health care reforms. 

Online insurance exchanges launched on October 1 under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, often called " Obamacare," to offer health insurance plans to millions of uninsured people in the US. 

But many have experienced error messages and long waits in trying to sign on to, which has become a political embarrassment for Obama. 

Jeffrey Zients, who has been appointed by US President, Barack Obama to fix the problems in the website, yesterday announced that the Columbia, Maryland based Quality Software Services, or QSSI, has been entrusted with the task of fixing all the problems associated with it and said that the problem would be resolved by late November. 

Founded in 1997 by Tony Singh, QSSI over the past few years has emerged as one of the top IT companies in the healthcare sector. 

"QSSI as general contractor will ensure that we are executing at a very high standard, getting things done fast, efficiently and working through that punch list. Again, each week the experience will get better and better," Zients told reporters during a conference call. 

QSSI is now headed by Bikram Bakshi as its president and CEO. It employs over 400 people and majority of its top leadership is Indian-American including Pawan Malhotra (chief operating officer and chief financial officer), and Kovilvenni Ramaswamy (chief technology officer).

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