Prepare for GMAT anytime anywhere

One of the most widely accepted exams across business schools, GMAT is a popular choice for MBA aspirants. Preparing for GMAT requires a sensible approach because it is a computer adaptive exam and does not allow students to skip a question. To help students prepare effectively for this test, BYJU's Classes has come out with an adaptive GMAT Prep tablet.

Some of the key features of the tablet are: 

Video classes conducted by trainers are pre-loaded in a tablet. This allows students to study 'anytime-anywhere'

Smart adaptive learning platform, which will customise the comprehensive content in the tablet (150+ hours of sessions) and provide personalised learning path/sessions for each student

Diagnostic tool kit to identify patterns in the intuitively committed errors by an individual and provide personalised real-time feedback/strategies to correct these errors

3000+ questions with video solution and in-depth statistics tailor-made to improve one's score

10 mock GMAT exams to simulate the GMAT experience.

source: times of india

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