'Erasable Internet' may topple Google, Facebook's permanence, says analyst

Washington: With ' erasable Internet' becoming the next big thing, permanence of content as established by sites like Google and Facebook, which in turn help the companies make revenue, appears to be in a threatened position, an analyst has pointed out. 

The Wall Street Journal's Farhad Manjoo, in his analysis has pointed to a new business model that could someday lead to Google's downfall. 

According to Fox News, companies like Google and Facebook have built an Internet based on permanence as they store their users' data for advertising purposes.

However, with auto-destruct photo sharing app like Snapchat, the position of Google and Facebook is threatened as the user data isn't saved and used to sell ads. 

Manjoo has pointed that if Snapchat's model proliferates to other areas of communication and to the Internet in general, it could lead to some serious problems to the current leaders, which have business models that rely entirely on saving as much data as possible about their users and serving targeted advertisements based on that data.

Despite being the leaders in online presence, Google and Facebook might be toppled with the 'Erasable Internet of Things', unless they adapt and rebuild their businesses from the ground up. 

source;  ANI

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