Soon, device that turns your dog's thoughts into human speech

London: No more woof! Swedish researchers are developing the world's first headset that can translate your pet dog's thoughts into English words. 

The small gadget 'No More Woof' that reads animal brain-waves could take pet-to-human communication to the next level.

The device uses the latest technology in micro computing and Electroencephalography (EEG) to analyse animal thought patterns and spell them out in human language using a loudspeaker. 

Developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID), a research lab in Malmo, Sweden, the device can successfully read when the canines are tired, excited or hungry. 

"The patterns we have found are "I'm Tired", "I'm excited" and possibly "I'm Hungry" and the clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face, that we translate into: "Who ARE you?" its makers said. 

During the last decade huge discoveries have been made to map out the human brain's functions. 

But never before has anyone made a serious attempt to apply this groundbreaking technology on man's best friend, according to the product description on the Indiegogo website. 

For instance, there is a spectrum of specific electrical signals in the brain defining the feeling of tiredness. 

The challenges researchers are facing using EEG on pets are a matter of placement for best comfort and how to identify the clearest signal when attaching the device on fur. 

They are experimenting with a new brain-computer interface (BCI) to detect, analyse and translate the brain-waves of dogs into comprehensive thoughts. 

"Earlier the devices had to stream thought sequences, but now we are using Raspberry PI, which handles this process directly inside the device," researchers said. 

After the EEG readings are gathered, the trick of reading an animal's mind is stripped down to a more or less complex deciphering problem, they said. 

The research lab has previously developed concepts like a rocking chair that charges your tablet, a hovering lamp that follows you around and an indoor cloud generator. 

source: PTI

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